Natural Flo Wellness 

 Detox Cleansing Center & Boutique Spa 


Our therapists has more than 16 years experience cleansing and detoxing the body, mind and spirit through a variety of natural alternatives. As Colon Hydrotherapists we hold a certification from the International Association of Colon Therapy (I-ACT).

Our experience with colon hydrotherapy began as a client when seeking relief from chronic digestive and health issues due to poor diet and stress. Our journey to better health has created a new mindset of reducing the toxic load on the body by eating whole, organic foods, reducing exposure to environmental toxins, reducing overall stress, and cleansing the body on a regular basis. Natural Flo Wellness prides itself in providing a safe and serene environment equipped with FDA approved equipment designed to facilitate limitless opportunities for our clients to achieve personal health goals.  We believe educating our clients while offering the right tools and learning environment will inspire others to lead a more healthy lifestyle!